Marie-Sandra A.M. – Artist Development

Une jeune femme, cheveux courts bruns, lunettes de soleil sur la tête, regarde droit devant. Elle tient un appareil photo dans les mains et sourit. Une montagne se devine derrière elle.

Who am I?

After a multiple online courses in musical marketing and IP law 🚨, and 2-year practice with / for Eria HummingBird, I’m looking for new artists (musicians, singers) to help and expand my activities 👀

In order to carry out this project, beside the degrees mentioned above, I followed the “Entrepreneurship” training from AFPA, “Devenir Musicien Entrepreneur” from Guil’s Records, the “Music Business” specialization from Berklee College of Music (Coursera), and many others.

Whether it’s for my main job or my secondary objective, I am someone who is constantly studying 👩‍🎓 in order to be up to date with changes in laws, changes in consumption, marketing developments, etc.
Finally, on a personal level, I have recently started to look into questions about the protection of nature 🌲 and animals, the environment, and the way in which we can live while respecting all that (specific construction of houses, vegetable gardens, garden-forest , etc.).

What can I help you with?

So, first of all, I must specify that for the “turner” part I do not work with anyone and that I do not yet manage it. This doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t do it or that I can’t help, but wanting to work with artists just starting out, I think you have to first create an online presence, master all aspects of it, having distributed a few singles/EPs/albums in order to have material, before offering themselves for concerts. This will allow you to directly offer your music, your compositions — which does not prevent you from playing covers if you wish, if you have the opportunity, but let’s say that these lives will not be found in the same than those you will get when it will be to sell your music. 🎶

In fact, I can help you in two different ways:

  1. By managing certain things for you. 💻
  2. By offering you training sessions – online if we are too far away – on certain themes in order to make you independent (if that’s what you prefer). 👩‍🏫

Depending on the formula, the rates and payment terms will be different.

After several online training courses, watching documentaries and reading many books and scientific articles (know that I am constantly training!), here are the tasks that I have been carrying out for 2 years and on which I can intervene:


Writing (or proofreading, depending on the case) and managing contracts.

All types: authorization of influencers and/or YouTubers to use your music under certain conditions, production or publishing contract, recording contract with a composer, engagement contract (to play somewhere), etc. 🕵️‍♂️

Online distribution

I have been working with the digital distributor iMusician for 2 years, I have good contacts with them, and I am used to their operation and prices. I know how to resolve certain problems, and I know who to contact if necessary. So, this is the one I recommend, but I can adapt to other distributors. The important thing is to have your own ISRC codes to enter in the meta data when inserting the tracks (when preparing a release). 💿


EHBinTheKitchen is a young independent music label that I manage with my partner Eria HummingBird. Depending on your wishes, we can either include you under this banner (with what this implies in terms of communication, image, etc.), therefore, when you’ll release tracks, it’ll be “EHBinTheKitchen” written as the label; or you do not want it, in which case no problem, communication about you from my side will be done differently (for example it will be specified that you are working in a free collaboration with me and/or Eria and me). 👋

  • Please note that if you wish to start within our label, our policy is to operate “by project”, i.e. we sign a first contract to make a single together, everything is fine and you wish to continue, we sign to do another single or an EP, and so on — this gives you the freedom to go elsewhere at the end of a contract if that’s what you want. We don’t want to “lock” our artists with us for X years. At least not at the moment!
  • Another clarification: our label being recent, we have a website and a LinkedIn page but I have not yet created an Instagram or Facebook page for it. This is under study and will be done in due course. In the meantime, we communicate on my Instagram profile, in stories on Eria’s, on my LinkedIn profile, on this website & in the newsletter, on the LinkedIn profile of EHBinTheKitchen, and on my Facebook page.

I can give you advice and feedback on how to use (or don’t use) social media. I can also manage a Facebook page for you, the, update & check your links and bio on your different profiles (including on YouTube and your “profile for artists” pages on the day you make distributions). On this last point, I know how to regain access and manage these artist pages, and I also know how to take care of having an OAC (“Official Artist Channel” on YouTube). I also manage this website, EHBinTheKitchen, on which you can have your own page if we collaborate. 💌


Advertise on Meta, follow the ad statistics, follow the statistics of actions on social networks, follow the statistics on streaming platforms, and of course analyze all these statistics in order to establish a marketing plan / actions if necessary. I can advise you on things to put in place to make yourself known (for example clips, interviews, backstage) or create an additional source of income (merchandising in particular, tipeee or ko-fi page). 👩‍💻

Collective management organizations

(SACEM & their Musicstart service, SPEDIDAM or Adami, SCPP, etc.)

I can help you register, manage member accounts, make declarations, when necessary, monitor royalties, etc. I’m French so I mostly know the French rules, but I’m capable of helping you with the others too. 💰

Composer / Bedroom producer

My partner Eria HummingBird is an artist just like you, but he is also a composer and self-producer (in the industry we talk about “bedroom producer”). I offer his services when necessary, and depending on different parameters, we can set up a partnership between him and you. 🎤