Image d'un personnage féminin et par-dessus il y a écrit Eria HummingBird, le nom d'artiste à qui appartient ce site.

  Welcome mates! I’m known as Eria HummingBird. I’m a music producer, which means I’m the one who creates everything musically speaking (sound design, composition, arrangements, mix, mastering) 🎛.

   I made the choice to stay anonymous so people who discover me can be in a one-on-one with my tracks instead of my face on social media 🕵️‍♀️ (if people know me IRL, obviously I’m asking you to play this game and keep my identity a secret! Otherwise, all this mystery is pointless 🤙).

   I like to produce all kinds of music and it’s quite an “uncommon” choice for an artist. Usually, artists you’re used to listen to and like specialize in a single style of music. It’s not my case, but it was the right choice to make for me 🎻. I like too many genres and the exercise of producing all of them is what makes me happy.

   I truly hope that this diversity of styles will convince you to discover what I produce!


Pochette de l'album Lo-Fi Stop (Bedroom Edition). Il y a l'image d'un personnage féminin et par-dessus le titre de l'album.
Pochette du single Hawkins and the Upside Down. Il y a une déchirure rouge brillant sur un fond rouge.
Pochette de l'album Assassin'S Elevation reprenant le signe de la saga de façon graphique.