Die Soon / Live Forever – Insight

Pochette de l'album Die Soon / Live Forever

Album: Die Soon / Live Forever

Label: EHBinTheKitchen

Release date: June 18, 2023

   This is the follow-up of Lo-Fi Stop (Bedroom Edition). If in the past I only made instrumental tracks to learn how to use certain software and discover the world of computer-assisted music, Die Soon / Live Forever comes to force me to reveal myself a bit more: it’s an album where I sing.

    I struggled for a long time to find my voice, a standard towards which I could identify and comfort myself. Then in 2019, thanks to a YouTube video of Le Règlement, I met a big artist: Lil Peep. He was the trigger, the booster who made my rocket take off. I don’t think I’m an exceptional singer, but thanks to Peep I could find my own voice, and stories that moved me. All I had left was to tell some of my own.

    This album is a 100% emo rap album, there is no other style inside, and it tells some difficulties I encountered during my life as a young adult who tries to understand where his place is and who he wants to become. The beginning of a kind of research. I narrate my loneliness and love disillusions. You can say it’s a “classic album” which doesn’t invent anything and doesn’t do better than any other, I agree, but it’s my story and my way of telling it. This allowed me to express myself, to bring out a lot of sadness and deceptions. It’s an outlet, a therapeutic album.

   It’s fine like that. Imperfect, like every human being on this planet, but with a strong authenticity.