To Support Me

Why am I asking you to give me some money?

As you may know, the art world is now an industry, and music or cinema can’t escape that classification. I’m an independent artist and I consider myself more as a craftsman 👨‍🔧 than as a salesman. The only problem of wishing to be a craftsman is that I’m not a content creator who releases a new track every week, in hope of keeping their followers and fans engaged 🤳. In reality, it’s quite the opposite: I’m a passionate music producer who, humbly, wishes to release qualitative tracks and be an added-value to the music world 🎙.

The downside of this is that I’m invisible for the algorithms of social media platforms (all of them), and thus I’m losing in visibility 👀 You can guess what I’m gonna say now: to lose visibility on those platforms = to lose visibility on streaming platforms (such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube to name a few!), because you’ll only find me after playing detectives 🕵️‍♀️ = to have little streams on my tracks = to have near nonexistent royalties (in average 0,40€ per month, being a millionaire is far away I’m afraid 😂).

For now, I can’t sell my albums, EP and singles on CD because it cost too much, and since I’m not doing any concerts, nobody would buy them 😅. I also know that, today, nobody buys the digital version of an album on streaming platforms 🎵, with the exception of the big artists of course, like Ed Sheeran, Orelsan, or Angèle (#exception 2: fans wanting to support their favorite artists, such as Spider Zed, Ivy XO, or Clovis).

I could say “Please buy my tracks 💿”, because I would be paid more than with streams, that’s for sure. However I have a problem with that: when you do that you’re not really the owner of the album you paid for 💸! In short: the digital album you bought is linked to the platform where you bought it (e.g. Apple Music), and if someday this platform disappears, pouf ☁, your album disappears too even though you paid for it! (That’s what we call DRM, Digital Rights Management, for those who might be interested.)

That’s why I decided to open a Ko-Fi for those of you who would want to support me financially 💰. I want this support to be based on volunteering 🙋‍♀️: just like I won’t force you to listen to my music if you don’t like it, I won’t blame you if you don’t support me financially (you can help me through other means: stream, like, follow, share… 😉).

But, well, let’s be honest – a little something would be greatly appreciated 🙏. Know that if you’re 2 to tip me 50€ that’s amazing, but if you’re 70 to tip me 1€, that’s even better (for both you and I)! I believe that together we’re stronger 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧. I want to believe that if you like what I produce, you’ll be satisfied to know that you helped me finance my work time so I could continue to create new tracks! ✌

As GaGzZz, a French independent gaming YouTuber, would say: “If you support me, you do it for the content”. Know that if you tip even only 1€, you’ll be the majority shareholder of my music, and that’s crazy! 🌞