Assassin’S Elevation – Insight

Pochette de l'album Assassin'S Elevation reprenant le signe de la saga de façon graphique.

Album: Assassin’S Elevation

Label: EHBinTheKitchen

Release date: November 1st, 2022

    I really love the Assassin’S Creed franchise. This project is born from the love I have for this universe which exists in ours. I wanted to compose tracks of many different styles. I truly wanted to make my listeners travel while listening to this album, just like what we feel through each Assassin’S Creed game. There are quite a number of genres inside Assassin’S Elevation: electro, orchestral, Middle Ages music, trap, house, or even traditional Scandinavian tracks.

    The project of Assassin’S Elevation isn’t only born from my love for the franchise: I also wanted to “bring my stone to the building” (as we say in France) of a French YouTube channel which specializes in Assassin’S Creed. The purpose of this album was to musically illustrate their videos while serving their speech. In the end, due to improperly conducted negotiations, the project was abandoned. However, I didn’t wish to throw it away: after all I worked on it for an entire year, and it wasn’t failed negotiations that would keep me away from distributing my music. The flavor of the release wasn’t as exciting as it was supposed to be, that’s that.

    In the end I’m very proud of a lot of tracks of this album, I truly put my heart out when working on it. And it taught me a lot. Both about music and what’s around it.