Lo-Fi Stop (Bedroom Edition) – Insight

Pochette de l'album Lo-Fi Stop (Bedroom Edition). Il y a l'image d'un personnage féminin et par-dessus le titre de l'album.

Album: Lo-Fi Stop (Bedroom Edition)

Label: iMD-EHBinTheKitchen

Release date: January 10, 2022

     I composed the first 12 tracks of “Lo-Fi Stop Mixtape” back in 2020. This lo-fi album has allowed me to begin my computer-assisted music training on Cubase 9.5, alone in my bedroom. It’s an album that also helped me start composing, in a simple way but with assurance. It truly allowed me to try and experiment things while discovering around 20% of Cubase 9.5.

     This is my first solo project since before Lo-Fi Stop Mixtape I composed Essai, which is an instrumental album made in collaboration with the man who was my singer teacher at the time. This man is the one who introduced me to composition and computer-assisted music.

     So, for my first solo I chose to stick to instrumental music. In my opinion lo-fi is the best genre to start computer-assisted music. It’s not a challenging style musically speaking and it leaves plenty of room for creativity. Moreover, the composer can try all the processes and plugins of a DAW with lo-fi. As for the sound aspect, beginning composition with lo-fi isn’t risky since no one will ask an impeccable mix. On the contrary, this style is known for its old, VHS cassette, retro touch with a “filthy” sound.

     Time has passed and I started to compose other tracks. I finally succeeded at singing on I Miss Him, made a great step forward at using some techniques of computer-assisted music, and found a new approach to sound when composing. That was the right moment to create a new version for my album, going from 12 to 16 tracks, which I still compose in my room, thus giving the title Lo-Fi Stop (Bedroom Edition) to the album instead of Lo-Fi Stop (Deluxe Edition). By the way, if you look carefully, you’ll see that the mention “Deluxe Edition” is crossed out on its disc cover: we only propose music here, not luxury goods.


     To get the word out that I’m composing in my bedroom is something truly important to me. It’s not even a home studio – no sound acoustic treatment on the walls, no expensive monitor nor analog material. It’s just my bedroom, a very good computer, a sound bar (thanks again to my friends for the gift, they’re the best!), a low-end synthesizer, a Shure beta 58A (by the way, it’s a very good mic), my electric bass and guitars. It’s not torture, far from that! I’m lucky to have a silent environment to compose. I’m not complaining about what I have, on the opposite, I’m grateful!